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Privacy Policy

Zation Corp, (the “Company”), sets forth this Privacy Policy with regard to the social responsibility of personal information (“Information”) protection, in order to observe the laws concerned with privacy protection and Information, and perform the services provided by the Company, as follows.

1. Proper collection, use and offer range of Information

The Company, in terms of collecting Information, defines the purpose with clearance at any time, and exerts by proper methods with proper legislation in a range of the Company’s proper enterprise. The Company pays attention to the treatment and furnishing of acquired Information with meticulous care and doesn’t use for unintended use. The Company also takes measures for not doing unintended use.

2. Security treatment

The Company, in order to secure the accuracy and security of Information, protects and corrects the Information leak, loss and damage with proper safety treatments technically and organizationally.

3. Observation of law and criteria

The Company observes the law regarding of Information treatment and other criteria which the state defines.

4. Continuous improvement of management system for Information protection

The Company recognizes the significance of Information protection and improves it continuously by establishing a management system for Information protection in order to protect it properly.

5. Educational training

The Company intends to tell the higher awareness for Information protection to the representatives and staffs, and educates/trains the compliance program regarding the protection.

6. Accident prevention and treatment

The Company prevents any accident of Information leak. In case such an accident happens, the Company will tackle the proper treatment including prevention of recurrence without delay.

7. Dealing with complaints and consultation for Information

The Company deals with the request of complaints and consultations in person with sincerity and without delay.

【Inquiry for personal information】

Zation Corp, Inquiry/complaint counter Email:
Date of enactment: November 1st, 2012
Date of revision: January 15th, 2013 by Zation Corp,



Purpose of use

1. Purpose of Information use

(1) Information deposited by clients
     Information about inquiry, document request or questionnaire

(2) Information about clients
     Business communication, entrustment of business, negotiation, contract fulfillment, treatment      for demand and inquiry

(3) Information about job applicant
     Documentary examination, interview and contact of selection result

(4) Staff information
     Management of personnel labor, social insurance and benefit package

2. Offering and entrustment of Information

The Company would deposit Information for business entrustment. For business entrustment, the Company chooses the contractor with the Company’s criteria, and enters into a contract about Information protection. The Company also manages and supervises the affairs, and protects Information properly.

3. Information disclosure, correction and delete

If the Company is required by the user to disclose, correct or delete Information which the Company owns (except which are deposited by clients), the Company shall conduct appropriate treatment of disclosure, correction and delete after confirming the requesting part’s identity based upon the Company’s determined methods.

4. Information disclosure, correction and delete, or suspension of     use and offering

If the user asks to disclose, correct, delete, or suspend using or offering of Information which the Company owns (except which are deposited by clients), the Company notifies to inquire through the formalities below.

【Formalities for inquiry】

When the user comes to the Company: Please show us an ID card (driver’s license, insurance card; “ID”) identifying in person or a representative, and write down the inquiry item in the inquiry form of Information. When the user inquires by call, the Company sends the form to the address in person. Please write down the inquiry item and attach the copy of ID in person, and send them back.

Zation Corp, Bureau Ginza 2st floor, 4-1-12, Tsukiji, Chuo Ward, Tokyo, Japan 104-0045
TEL 03-6278-7923 Customer affairs of complaint and consultation for personal information


Please contact below about the inquiry and complaint for the Company’s personal information treatment.
information treatment.Inquiry/complaint counter  Email
※Inquiry and complaint offerings in the office are not available. Please be forewarned.

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