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BPO Service -Case3 Support Center for the Internet Evironment

BPO Case Study

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CASE03 Technical Centers Providing Nationwide, Total Support for Over 10 years.New Products Contribute to Improved Customer Service.

Asahi Glass Co., Ltd developed Plastic Optical Fiber (POF.)
Continuous efforts to improve quality are made through a support
center that collects and provides product information to customers.

AGC Electronics Co., Ltd. Project Planning Dept.

IT Support (Helpdesk)

◇ Adoption of services since 2002,
Duration of Operation: Mon-Fri. 9:30AM-5:00PM (Holidays: year-end and New Year’s),
Preparation Time: 2 Months

Situation and Issues Faced

Glass manufacturer, Asahi Glass Company, manufactures and sells not only glass but also
construction material and chemical products. In 2002, the company developed POF, which made
possible the transfer of large files, to be sold as a product used in offices and buildings nationwide.
At a time where implementation of fiber optic cables were in its introductory phase, Asahi Glass
Company wanted to establish a call center to improve quality by collecting and analyzing technical
information gathered from users.

Summary of Situation and Issues

● As a new infrastructure project, the introduction of fiber optic cables was in

● A call center of to improve quality was in the process of being established.

Zation’s Proposal

Asahi Glass Company consulted Zation to establish a call center that provides technical support.
With Asahi Glass Company having a proven track record of providing IT support, Zation proposed a
call center to serve as a one-stop source for technical support. When necessary, qualified staff
would provide on-site support. At the same time, nationwide customer inquiries were complied and
this feedback was addressed to Asahi Glass Company.

Proposal Summary

● Zation suggested the establishment of a call center as a one-stop source for
    providing support nationwide.

● When necessary, staff provides on-site support.

Proposal Summary


The customer technical support center has been continuing to respond to customer inquiries for
over 10 years since the establishment of the center in 2002. Information and feedback gathered
had been shared with Asahi Glass Company, contributing to increased service quality and customer
service. Furthermore, with the establishment of the center, Asahi Glass Company representatives
could focus on the company’s primary business of research and sales. Working hand in hand to
optimize business work flow and operation costs, Zation continues to support Asahi Glass Company
with the company’s endeavors in fiber optics.

Summary of Outcome

● Zation contributed to the improvement of product quality and customer service
    through the collection and sharing of valuable information.

●By being able to focus on the company’s core business, Asahi Glass Company was
    able to operate with efficiency and lower costs.

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