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BPO Service -Case9 Accounting, sales, PR support for a fashion company in New York, NY

BPO Case Study

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Case9 Accounting, sales, PR support for a fashion company in New York, NY

Providing accounting outsourcing support for an apparel rental
company in New York, NY Mahna Mahna

Apparel Rental Company

Comprehensive support service

◇Period 2013

Situation and Issues Faced

The company was launched in May of 2013 in Soho, NY as a high-end dress, shoes, and accessories rental business to stylists. At the time, the company was using an accounting service from an accounting firm in the west coast, but had been struggling with situations where they would not get response back to their questions. In addition, the GM herself was taking care of the bookkeeping tasks, which kept her from doing other tasks such as sales and operation management.

Summary of Situation and Issues

● Decrease the workload of bookkeeping of the client and increase through communication between the client and the accounting firm.

Suggestion by Zation

Provide an on-site support for bookkeeping. Also, become the point of contact between the client and the accounting firm, providing up to date information between the parties.

Proposal Summary
Proposal Summary

Benefits Delivered to the client

By providing an on-site support, the client was able to focus on other operations, resulting in an increase in number of clients.

Other benefits

Zation also provides product promotions in collaboration with Mahna Mahna's events.

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