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BPO Service -Case7 Marketing and accounting services to support Japanese companies expanding their businesses into the U.S.

BPO Case Study

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CASE06 Provide a short-term support center for a new business in Japan. Supporting foreign businesses in Japan by saving initial costs.

Minamoto Kitchoan
Providing accounting support for a Japanese sweets company in New York, NY

Japanese Sweets Company

Back office support service and marketing service

◇Period: 2013

The Challenge

The manager of the New York store was responsible for overseeing all of the accounting work for the three store locations in the US. The manager had a difficulty communicating with the previous CPA, due to the language barrier as well as lack of communication, resulting in an impediment to the overall business.

Suggestion by Zation

Provide a CPA who is bilingual in Japanese and English, as well as being the point of contact between the CPA and the client to improve communication between the two groups.

Proposal Summary
Proposal Summary

Benefits Delivered to the client

Prevented the delay of accounting reports as well as established a healthy relationship between the CPA and the client. As a result, the client was able to focus more effectively on other areas of operation.

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