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BPO Service -Case1 BPO Case Study - Technical Support Center for Mobile Phone Stores

BPO Case Study

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CASE01 Introduce Technical Support for Staff. Contribute to an Increase in Sales Growth.

Collect and analyze the latest information regarding smart phones and customer inquiries, and address all stores nationwide with consistent information. Minimizing disparities leads to efficient customer correspondence and improves customer satisfaction!

Mobile Phone Stores (Approx. 200 stores nationwide)

Helpdesk, IT Support

◇ Adoption of services since 2011, Scale: 6 Staff,Duration of Operation: Mon-Sun, 9:00AM-9:00PM
(365 days), Preparation Time: 1 Month

Situation and Issues Faced

Staff employed within the 200 nationwide mobile phone stores could not keep up with the rapid
widespread use of smart phones. As customers became more knowledgeable and questions
concerning phones became more diversified and advanced, staff response times increased, leading
to further undesirable circumstances such as canceled contracts. In addition, as there was no
mechanism in place to share information between the stores, useful information was not being
utilized to the fullest. A technical support center was in urgent need to share information and
provide staff support.

Summary of Situation and Issues

● Lack of staff’s knowledge and understanding of technology, and increased
    response times led to the loss in sales opportunities.

● There was no mechanism in place for sharing information between stores, so
    useful information remained within each store respectively.

Zation’s Proposal

To thoroughly investigate and research customer inquiries, stores, staff members and share up-to-
date and consistent information through a technical support center. For example, prior to the
release of i.e. a terminal, to thoroughly research and share the results on how modifiable the
terminal is. In addition, to perform periodic testing and training of staff to ensure quality and
consistency of information, and utilize PC helpdesk management experience, taking advantage of
early adoptions and saving costs with installations in Okinawa.

Proposal Summary

● Training systems and periodic tests were introduced to ensure quality and
    provide consistent information.

●Monthly running costs were lowered with installations in Okinawa.

Proposal Summary


Response times were significantly reduced due to the utilization of the technical support center.
Improvement in waiting times led to increased sales through new customer acquisitions. In
addition, staff with less experience could still provide customer support - making efficient store
operations possible. Trends in applications could also be acquired early and staff could provide wide
range, reliable support, thus greatly improving customer satisfaction.

Summary of Outcome

●There was a significant reduction in the response time spent per customer. Sales
   increased by improving turnover!

● With the introduction of the information sharing system, issues of discrepancies
   concerning information was solved.

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