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BPO Service


Eliminate concerns about overseas operations.We provide IT and outsourceing solutions that support clients that support clients who challenge termselvaes on a global scale.

Zation's network provides proper coverage for clients in North America and Asia. We support Japanese companies that are involved in international business. Our staff has an excellent command of Japanese and local languages to provide outsourcing services in all fields of work such as human resources, accounting, administrative work, IT services, and others. Without having to worry about such knowledge or having the network of contacts in other countries, we hope that more Japanese clients can take the challenge of entering the global market.

Overseas IT Support Service


Our overseas helpdesk provides solutions in Japanese for any questions, demands, or maintenance requests of IT systems and devices.

On-Site Maintenance Service

Our staff will directly visit clients’ overseas offices and maintain office equipment such as PCs, office machines, servers and so on. We provide a wide variety of on-site maintenance services, from the maintenance of electronic appliances to building management.

Overseas Company Establishment Service

Supporting Overseas Company Establishment

Our expert staff supports and provides comprehensive preparation for overseas businesses, such as finding factory and office spaces, and providing housing arrangements for Japanese expatriates.

Rental Office Service

We provide rental offices in foreign countries when clients need temporary space for staff to conduct market research or prepare for company establishment. Rental offices offer a complete network environment including PCs. Our Japanese-speaking expert staff supports all activities during the initial stages in a foreign market.

Research for Business Applications and Commercialization

In-depth research and careful preparation are required for overseas expansion. We conduct a feasibility study, evaluate economic viability and conduct basic research regarding political, legal, regulatory, economic, technological trends, natural environment, amongst others. We provide prompt and adequate information to clients.

Marketing Research

Based on client's needs, our local expert staff conducts thorough market research including regional research, local production centers…etc, and even provide advice. By using the Internet and through our field survey, clients can face their market research head on.

Overseas Business Support

Back-office Support

Experts familiar with local legal systems can provide administrative and accounting support in financial affairs, taxes and other legal matters.

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